Benefits of Using a Private Ride Service

If you’re like many Americans in major metropolitan areas, you’ve probably taken advantage of rideshare services. Whether it’s because a taxi never seems to be available or the subway is too slow, car rideshare services are often convenient and helpful. However, if you need to count on punctuality and professionalism, a private car service in Scarsdale, NY is a much better choice. Here’s why you should consider deleting the Uber app and getting to know your local car service:

  • More reliable: Using a rideshare app requires you to wait until you need a ride to call the service—and it’s hard to predict whether there will be any drivers available. Sometimes the drivers can’t arrive for 20 or 30 minutes, while other times they’re right around the corner. Worse, drivers often cancel if the rider needs to go over their preferred distance or they’re just done with work for the day, which means you have to wait for another driver to be available. You can save the hassle by working with a professional car service. You can preschedule rides so you’re never stuck wondering if you’ll make it to the airport, the theatre or that all-important job interview on time.
  • Preset fares: Using rideshare apps at peak times can be a gamble. Depending on how in-demand the service is, prices can be raised up to 200 percent. If you get stuck in traffic—even if it’s the driver’s fault—you’ll watch that fare go up even more. In comparison, professional car services have preset, competitive fares. You won’t get any surprises (and the drivers are guaranteed to be locals who know how the traffic usually flows).
  • Professional drivers: Speaking of drivers, your ride will be more enjoyable when you let a professional chauffeur you around. While rideshare services are independent contractors, the professional drivers at a private car service have special licenses and qualifications that set them apart. This is their full-time job, so they have the training and experience to make it the most pleasant, seamless experience possible.
  • A complete travel experience: While rideshares are basic services that get you from point A to point B, private car services are a more complete travel experience. This is especially important when you’re transporting a group for a special occasion, to the airport or for a work event—you’ll get a more luxurious and punctual experience than hopping in the car with the first available rideshare driver.
  • Better service: Finally, private car services pride themselves on providing better service overall. From drivers who will help with your luggage to overall reliability, you’ll be able to relax knowing that you’re getting to your destination on time. Plus, if you want to make the moment special with a bottle of bubbly or stop at a scenic vista, your driver will be happy to accommodate your needs.

When you compare service and cost, chauffeur services in Scarsdale, NY are the better option. Call Scarsdale Veterans Car & Limousine Service LLC today to book a ride.