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Give the Gift of Private Ride Services

Are you looking for a late Christmas gift idea for a friend or family member? Consider giving the gift of a private ride service! Thanks to our available selection of gift cards in Scarsdale, NY, you can give a unique, practical and thoughtful gift to someone you know who may find it highly useful. A […]

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Benefits of Using a Private Ride Service

If you’re like many Americans in major metropolitan areas, you’ve probably taken advantage of rideshare services. Whether it’s because a taxi never seems to be available or the subway is too slow, car rideshare services are often convenient and helpful. However, if you need to count on punctuality and professionalism, a private car service in […]

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Benefits of Opening a Corporate Account with a Car Service

Do you need a corporate car service account? If your business is struggling, it can seem like an unnecessary expense—especially because, to be tax-deductible, that car service needs to be an “ordinary and necessary” expense. Are car services necessary enough to make them worth the cost? Only you can answer that—but we have some guidance […]

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