Environmental Benefits of Using a Car Service

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly changed the way we view public transportation. Previously, most New Yorkers relied on the subway system to get around the city—it’s faster, cheaper and easier than sitting in traffic for hours on end. For anyone with a vulnerable immune system, however, using public transportation in Scarsdale, NY and beyond is a health scare waiting to happen.

Unfortunately, an increase in cars on the road is a problem for residents as well as the environment. Traffic is heavier than usual and streets are congested, which means traveling around the city takes even longer than usual. Even major roads like Madison Ave. are suffering. On top of that, it’s impossible to find street parking, thanks to double- and triple-parked cars—and who can afford the outrageous cost of indoor parking garages?

Instead, why not hire a car service? Not only is it easier, less stressful and far more convenient to have a car taking you from place to place, but you’ll also have a positive environmental impact. Here are the best environmental reasons to use a car service in Scarsdale, NY:

  • Cut down on vehicle traffic: The best reason to use a car service—besides the convenience and affordable luxury—is that they help cut down on vehicle traffic. In turn, that cuts down on emissions, which is good for the environment. When you use a car service, you’re using a car that would already be out on the road rather than adding your car to the thousands of other people who need to get around.
  • Cut down on miles traveled: Since you won’t need to look for parking, your car service actually cuts down on the miles you’ll drive. You’ll still get convenient, door-to-door service, without having to circle the block waiting for someone to leave. That means fewer emissions and less time spent burning fuel.
  • Make room for more green urban space: The more we use car services, public transportation and ridesharing, the more parking spaces can be dedicated to green urban space. New York City’s “concrete jungle” is beautiful in its own way, but humans need plants and parks for their quality of life. Do your part by using a car service.
  • Increase electric vehicle usage: Many car services use newer vehicles, including electric vehicles. New gas engines typically have stricter emissions standards, and electric vehicles are much safer for the environment. Not only will you help keep gas guzzlers off the road, but you might even be able to cut your emissions completely.
  • Stay healthier: Finally, you can stay healthy and keep other people healthy, too. Taking a car service to healthcare appointments (while wearing proper protective equipment, like masks) reduces the risk of infection while traveling. That’s the healthy—and kind—thing to do.

If you’re looking for a quality local car service in Scarsdale, NY, let Scarsdale Veterans Car & Limousine Service LLC take you where you need to go. Call today to schedule a ride or learn more about our services.